How it works

With the great number of custom-writing services being launched by the day, it’s difficult for a student to choose a genuine company that will deliver the content he needs. There is only one way to be certain that you’re ordering papers from a reliable website: see what results the customers got.

You can get recommendations from your friends, but there is an even more effective solution: read detailed reviews that enable you to compare different aspects of the most popular writing services.
At our website, you will find several reviews that are based on close examination of the companies’ features and evaluation of the results they deliver.

The process of reviewing essay writing services

Unlike other reviewing services, which base their posts on simple assessments of the websites and prices, we dig a little deeper. We make sure to check the company’s reputation on the market before publishing the review. Allow us to explain how our reviewing service works, so you’ll understand that we offer reliable assistance when it comes to choosing the right custom-writing agency for your particular needs.

1. Research
The first step of the reviewing process is the research. Our team of essay writing service reviewers constantly monitors the market and identifies the companies that are attracting attention among students. Although we tend to review the most popular companies first, we don’t neglect new services. Our goal is to evaluate as many websites as possible, in order to present the reality of this industry and enable you to choose a company that meets your expectations regarding the quality, price, versatility of service, customer support, convenience, and safety.

If you are interested in a particular website that we haven’t reviewed yet, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to investigate its reputation.

2. Website assessment
Once we identify a service that deserves to be reviewed due to its positive or negative aspects, the first thing we do is see how it website functions. We have few criteria that determine the final impression: responsiveness, transparency, accessibility, security standards, and readability of the text featured at the website.

According to these features, we form a general first impression that helps you compare that service to other websites.

3. Prices
Naturally, you don’t want to pay too much money when ordering papers online. You have to worry about your cat’s food and everything. That’s why we enable you to compare different writing services according to the prices they offer. According to the pricing factor, we have distinguished these categories of academic writing companies:
  • Great quality for a high price;
  • Lousy quality for a high price;
  • Awesome quality for a relatively affordable price;
  • Terrible quality for an average or really affordable price;
  • Great quality for unexpectedly low prices.
4. Guarantees
You don’t want to get stuck with a service that doesn’t comply with its guarantees. We make sure to check the company’s promises and examine its terms and conditions to see whether or not it deserves our recommendation.

5. Writers’ qualifications
Some companies hire freelance writers, while others have versatile teams of experts on different topics. We make sure to inform you about the team a certain company has hired, so you will be able to choose the right website for your particular project.

6. Versatility of services
Each company has a different list of services. Some are great when it comes to writing research papers and essays, while others perform brilliantly with dissertations, mind maps, or admission essays.

7. Customer support
Most websites offer 24/7 customer support, but not all of them are non-stop available to answer your questions. We always contact the agents to see how willing they are to give specific answers. We attempt to contact the service few times to make sure its customer support representatives are available at any time.

8. Reputation
This is one of the most important parts of a review you’ll read at our website. Our recommendations are based on real experience. We investigate the results the writing service achieves, as well as the level of satisfaction its customers get.

9. Top list
Once we get the review ready, we position the website on a specific place on our top list. We combine all aspects of the reviews to come up with an overall quality rating. Thanks to this system, you can make a safe pick of a company that will deliver exactly what you need.

10. Control
Our rating is not definite. We are aware that the reputation of a writing service is a relative category; it may change as it accepts new writers in its team. That’s why we make sure to monitor the work and reputation of the companies we recommend, so you can always get updated reviews!