Are People Capable of Unconditional Love?

People have been trying to define love since the beginning of time. Some of the most brilliant writers in history have made attempts to dissect this feeling and discover its essential purpose. But, how can we find a universal definition to something so personal and uncompromised? When we are absolutely aware that all our actions are product of unselfish love not only towards our close ones, but towards humanity as a whole, we will find out what unconditional love really is.

One of the greatest pathologies of our time is cynicism. Many children from dysfunctional families are deprived from love at early age, so they are left without any hope that one could love unconditionally. If someone’s parents didn’t understand and love each other and the people around them, how is he supposed to know what loving and being loved looks like? When we see the horrible things people are capable of doing, a world based on love seems impossible to us. Although the goodness is more subtle and unpretentious than harm, we cannot neglect its existence.

Instead of dismissing the emotions that are simple, sincere and truthful, we should take a look around us and notice that they are the foundation of our world. No matter what patterns the modern times impose, we all have a chance to discover the mystery behind physical and emotional attraction. The most precious thing we can inherit from our families is the ability to find happiness through honesty and affection. Love may be a learned behavior, but it’s also a potential that everyone carries within.

At some point of our lives, we all feel that something is missing. We have an inner stimulus to seek and understand what life is all about. At that moment, we are ready to work towards unconditional love. True love is the greatest gift we can give and hope to receive. The most beautiful way to love a human being is to love him because he exists. People should be able to receive love in order to give pure affection. Not everyone is capable of unconditional love, since not everyone has the capacity of letting other people love him.

Love is a very complex feeling that cannot be explained by any definition or formula. Every human is a unique individual who experiences love in his special way. When we open our hearts to love, words are not able to explain the emotions that consume us. We expand and love everything around us; both the whole and every grain of sand.