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Fiction Writing: Seven Tricks by Ernest Hemingway

Before gaining an outstanding popularity for his books, Ernest Hemingway got up every morning and wrote down his ideas and thoughts, crafting himself as a writer. And finally, after the years of hard work, his stories became the real masterpieces of the 20th century. And his writing style had the greatest impact on the literature of his era and on the minds of modern writers.

His stories and books became a must-read for people who want to start writing career. However, Hemingway never created any guide for fiction writers. Yet he left a lot of information in his letters and articles, and his advice and tricks are must know for any writer who wants to succeed. Some of these were collected by Larry W. Phillips and first published in 1984 in a book Ernest Hemingway on Writing. In this article, we have decided to analyze seven best quotes from Ernest Hemingway and create the list of tricks you can use in your writing process. Hope you will find this information handy and will be able to start a writing career you have dreamed of.

So here they are "Seven Tricks by Ernest Hemingway"

1. To start writing, write down one true sentence.

When Hemingway felt he is stuck, he set in front of a fire and watched how it is burning, or looked out at the window watching roofs of Paris or any other city he stayed at. He tried not to worry about his writing and said to himself that to start he needed to write one true sentence. This helped him to start writing. And there always had been one declarative sentence he knew or heard from somebody. You might also have such sentence in your mind, so you need to relax and find it in your imagination or memory.


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The History of Writing

Even since the existence of language, the human race has had the need to preserve the thoughts, words, and ideas, and to keep track of everything that has been said. This is how writing came to be. This has culminated into widespread literacy, and nowadays, there are even writing services available for those that need help with their writing, or those who wish to improve it so they can pursue higher education.

Is There the Best Essay Writing Service?

Well, it is extremely difficult to determine these criteria, simply because every person ordering an essay needs different things from an essay service. For instance, some don’t need the absolute best essay writing service. Instead, they just want to receive their paper as soon as possible, so they can pass their class, regardless of the quality, so from their point of view, they have come across the best paper writing service.


7 Famous Writers Told Us About The Book They’re Most Thankful For

Authors in general build up their entire career and knowledge on reading hundreds of books. An author is always in love with the written word, but each author will have his own preferences in regards to literary writing, the topic discussed or the style of the writing itself. Let’s check out what 7 great contemporary authors tell about that one book they are most thankful for.

  1. Alexander Chee: “Close to the Knives” by David Wojnarowicz

    Alexander Chee told in an interview that his most inspirational book is the one entitled “Close to the Knives” by D. Wojnarowicz. The author recalls that he accidentally stumbled upon this book in his own library, and when he opened it he noticed the book was signed by the author and dedicated “For Alex”.

    Alexander Chee never remembered how he got that book, or when the author signed it for him. What mattered was that he read it and felt this literary work will put a powerful stamp on his becoming as an author and personal development. ‘Close to the Knives- A Memoir of Disintegration’ is a thorough and highly emotional description of the author’s battle with AIDS, in a period when this disease was nothing more than a huge taboo.

    Alexander Chee’s next book is due to come to the shelves in February 2016 and it is entitled “The Queen of the Night”.


The Psychological Benefits of Writing

Writing is considered the most powerful way of self-expression. Whether you think about writing the next best seller, or just writing down your thoughts in a diary, writing can have a huge impact on your personal development and personal wellbeing. Writing can make you feel good, and it allows you to express yourself exactly the way you want without being interrupted by anyone or anything. It does not matter if you love writing because this is your profession, or you write out of pure passion. Writing has indeed several psychological benefits.

Writing brings happiness

When people are allowed to express themselves withoutboundaries, that means the person feels happy. Maybe you write for yourself, or maybe you write for an audience. Eitherway, writing will increase your levels of happiness and this is all that matters.

Just try writing on a regular basis, and you will see that your mood will improve and your stress levels will be reduced. Even more so, research has shown that people who regularly write about the goalsthey want toachieve and about their dreams they want to fulfill will feel much happier and will become more balanced on an emotional level.


The Bitterness and Fortune of Modern Families


Today, the role of a parent carries greater responsibility than ever. Mothers and fathers have to work hard to ensure happy future for their children, since every aspect of life is becoming more expensive. However, their dedication to work comes with a serious disadvantage: parents cannot give children the attention and comfort they need. The necessity for both parents to be employed drastically affects the family values, since the responsibilities of the parents are narrowed down to one main thing – providing financial stability. Children can get all kinds of toys and gadgets; they have prettier rooms and opportunities to enroll in expensive colleges in future, but become cold and distant persons due to the lack of connection with their parents.

Women have the right to devote themselves to careers just as much as men do. All people have dreams and professional goals they want to achieve, so a woman cannot be expected to give up on her aspirations just because of her gender. In addition to the right to follow her dreams, a woman also feels a responsibility to cover a part of the family’s expenses. Over the past three decades, the attitude of people towards their careers has drastically changed. People have to work overtime in order to remain successful and competitive on the unforgiving labor market.