Is Pollution Necessary in the Contemporary World?


As our world continues to evolve in terms of technology, industry, traffic, and production, we are all becoming dependent upon devices and products that dictate our lives. Although having access to any product and service we need certainly comes with its benefits, mass production is also the main cause of pollution. Our daily actions are not as innocent as they seem; we have all contributed and continue to be part of serious environmental issues. As global citizens, we have a responsibility to contribute towards the solutions the problem with food pollution, air pollution, and water pollution.

The food we consume on daily basis is contaminated with pesticides and harmful ingredients caused by water and air pollution. Factories release waste into water, which is then used for watering the vegetables and fruits we include in our “healthy” meals. There is no way to know whether the products we purchase are poisonous or healthy. Big factories are commonly located in proximity to farms, whose owners have to use harmful substances to make the products look “appealing to the eye”. The fruits and vegetables are not as pretty as they look; they are contaminated with harmful ingredients that are poisoning us day by day.

In addition to unhealthy food, air pollution also affects our health. The major cause of this type of pollution is traffic congestion. People today cannot imagine their lives without cars and motorbikes. Only few of them are worried about the serious effects of their daily actions. Governments impose different measures to limit the air pollution, but these laws are not entirely functional in practice. People continue driving old cars that suffocate us with massive levels of carbon monoxide. Mass production contributes to air pollution as well, since the factories release poisonous smoke that detrimental to the environment.

Although humans are intelligent beings, we don’t seem to be questioning the trends that become part of our lives. The habits of contemporary life make us passive observers of the world that’s falling apart. No one can stop us from making our lives more comfortable with technology, necessary products and cheap food, but that doesn’t mean that we should not feel responsible for the pollution that’s destroying our planet. We have power to make conscious decisions and leave a better world for future generations. Instead of driving our cars to work every day, we can ride bikes or rely on public transport. We should raise our voice against factories that are polluting our waters and air, and force the government to take actions. Although organic fruits and vegetables are significantly more expensive than the usual food we buy, we should support clean production and change our diets not only for the sake of our environment, but for our own health as well.

Unfortunately, we are all aware that the pollution of food, air and water has gone out of control. People seem unconscious about their own actions and pollute their homes and bodies with chemicals. Each of us is part of the problem, but we can also become part of the solution! With small changes in our lifestyles, we can contribute to the wellbeing of our entire planet.