How often do you research the “essay services niche” to write your reviews?

-We constantly monitor the market and keep an eye on the services that attract most attention. We want to keep our readers updated with the current events, discounts, and new services offered in the industry, so they can always make the most cost-effective investment.
We make sure to check what’s new in the industry at least 3 times per month, so we can offer new reviews and update the ones that are already featured at our website.

How do you choose the companies to review?

-Our goal is to first review the most popular companies on the market, and then move on to the ones that don’t attract much attention. Since you are most likely to place an order from a company that has achieved a certain level of reputation on the market, we make sure to evaluate well-established services first.

We regularly examine the top pages from search engine results, since they are the ones that most students choose.

Where did you find the writers and analysts for your review service?

-The initial reviewing team at our website was consisted of three friends (and roommates) who decided to help students choose reliable writing services. We had already tested several websites for our own projects, so we knew that ordering a paper online could go both ways: you either get great results on time, or a terrible experience that wastes your time and money.

Throughout the development of our service, a couple of other reviewers joined our team and now we have five analysts who are constantly monitoring the market and helping students to make an informed decision.

Why do you do it?

-We started our reviewing service with the main intention to help students purchase great papers online. In addition, this is a great experience for our team, since we like writing and analyzing. Our hobby has turned into a regular activity that students can benefit from.

Why did you decide to take a cat as the main character of your service?

-Well, the cat was the main character in our apartment. It’s a piece of brand humour that makes our activities more fun and our reviewing service more recognizable. Who doesn’t love cats anyway?

How can you find out that the service is original and not a fake?

-We have established a strict evaluation system based on the company’s reputation, prices, writing team, services, guarantees, policies, and other aspects. In addition, we always test the customer support and make sure that real customers got great results before recommending the particular service. If we realize that a certain website is fake, we immediately inform our readers and warn them to stay away.

Do you promote any services for money?

-No, we don’t. At our website, you’ll only find objective reviews based on facts and thorough examination. Our reviewing service is independent, so we are free to tell the truth about different writing services and expose their good and bad sides.

So, how do you support your service if you don’t have any money from it?

-We support it with enthusiasm. Jokes left aside, our team invests in this project, since it’s really important for our development as journalists, analysts, and web designers. In addition, many students support us when they realize how much they can benefit from our reviews.